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Cogitating and visceral, “RAVISH" is the second after “Eclipse” of a series of soul searching performances. In this work, Jasmine deconstructs to allow for a better reshaping. A personality is scrutinised through words and layers. Jasmine explores the space; physical and mental. A woman is sculpting.

Thirty Thousand Nights

Collaboration with Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz and Maciej Siennicki

Based on a monologue written by Samuel Beckett in 1997, “Thirty Thousand Nights” is about a character struggling with his past and the continuous passing of time.

Jasmine’s choreographic influence for this piece navigates between Ann Theresa de Keersmaeker, Athanasios Taf, and what we would qualify as the normal repetitive nature of life and monotonic sequences.

Full Circle

Collaboration with Natalie Higgins.

Natalie began by recording a song which was completely inspired by how she was feeling that day, what was happening at that time, as well as what the weather was. She then designed and made a costume inspired by this one day song. Finally, she asked Jasmine to improvise movements and develop a choreography to her song while in her costume.


A reflective and visceral performance, “ECLIPSE” is a soul searching endeavor. An unfoldment of elegance and sophistication. A personality is scrutinised through layers and cracks. Jasmine’s violent extraction breaks boundaries and thus leaves space for liberating instincts. The inner and outer dimension of the enveloped human is unleashed and the energy can be honest and shared with the audience. A woman is extracting herself from a wooden box.



Group Show with: Minna Etein, Aidan Wallace, Hannah Rose Stewart, Filip Haglund, Eunsol Choi, Matthew Wang, Sarah Louise Tate, Bryony Leeson

OTO-INCONTINENT is an exploration of the processes and methods involved in analysing and yielding our own paths of consumption and exertion. There is an innate lack of self-restraint when it comes to ingesting our surrounding environment. With an inherent, uncontrollable desire to create there is an underlying ethos of an inability to localise and display the work beyond is studio conception. An invisible but perceivable blockade of action.

“Here there is a constant flow of energy: intake and output. We as vessels can become ourselves a bodily function, a personified organ. We are continually aware of the transmission of digested resources into new substances.” 


Me alone with myself

Collaboration with Florenza Paloma and Monty Richthofen.

“Me alone with myself” was part of a collaboration between Performance Design & Practice and BA Fine Art consisting of a number of short works presented as a program format. 

Central Saint Martins performance practices is regarded as an opportunity to unleash raw ideas in front of an audience. This group of performances is provocative and unpredictable by design.


Collaboration with Sang Soon Lee and Monty Richthofen     

A modern representation of an 18th century British painting and a collision between sanity and insanity.